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5 Tackles of Hard-Copy Documents and Solutions for Them
DOC Platform

5 Tackles of Hard-Copy Documents and Solutions for Them

Instead of creating a document where both sides have legal protection, that document is an asset instead of a liability. It is an effective document generation.

Sura Aydin
April 5, 2022

Technology and digitalization continue to develop. One such area that has been dramatically improved with technology is that of documentation. In this age of digitalization, finalizing a document, from creation to fill-out and signature, is no longer a laborious and time-consuming process. Instead, companies can streamline the entire process by leveraging digital documents' technology by improving communication and collaboration. However, there are more advantages than just process efficiency.

Paper-based documentation is against today's needs, especially for the service industry. Recurring documents like inspection forms or rental contracts play a prominent role in this problem. The documentation process handled by hard-copy papers is not safe anymore because the data such as identity cards or credit cards are not protected. They are accessible to anybody who can view archives. This way of operating documentation is not transparent. Reporting and documenting inspections and damages are difficult on paper. In addition to that, it destroys the trust and transparency between businesses and customers. Keeping the records on hard-copy reports and then digitizing the data manually. It also causes data loss through human error during manual data entry.

Inspakt offers an excellent solution for all these problems: DOC Platform.

Here, take a look at what advantages you can get by using the DOC Platform.

Creating a template

You might have seen many documents creating platforms. Yet, an important issue to keep in mind while choosing the platform is that you can collect information in a suitable format. For instance, you might create an agreement in any platform, but that will only include text-based components. Besides, you need to know some coding logic to format the pages.

DOC Platform is a solution for these difficulties. It presents a No-code Template Builder where you can create your own templates or choose from a library. Here, drag-and-drop editing will make it easy to develop neatly done documents. You can personalize the content based on your data needs by adding components and changing their order at will. With it, you don't need coding knowledge nor IT support. Make your documents compliant with legal and professional standards and ensure that they are consistent with your platforms. All this without editing a single line of code.

Customizing a document

A quality showing that the business has its own values so that they are trustable and reliable is branding. Your business, your brand, has to establish its own character with colors, shapes, fonts, etc. With Inspakt PDF Designer, you can upload your logo and arrange the document colors. Hence, all your documentation represents your business with the branding.

Documents with multiple steps

Some operations require more than one documentation at different times, for instance, rental agreements. It might be an extra effort when you want to make one document out of two situations. But in Inspakt, you can do this with Two-way documents. Without extra effort, you can record details of assets and inspect them before and after. Two-way Documents allow you to merge two different PDFs at a given point in time into one document. First, record the details regarding your assets. After the agreed time of the operation ends, record the final status. Then compare two asset statuses in terms of damages, changes, or other differences over time. In the end, you may compare and contrast two situations. That function saves you from lots of problems between you and others.

Collecting information

Now, people are much more mobile than before. We look for the option with the minimum effort and less time-consuming. In this way, many businesses tackle hard-copy documents requiring everyone's presence to collect information. Or, not having a digital and mobile to record inspections may lead to more effort and even human error because of manual data entry.

To remove these tackles, you can manage your documents remotely in Inspakt. After finishing the final version of your template, you can quickly send a link to others so that they can fill out all required information remotely. Being mobile and digital adds one more advantage: you can collect inspection information such as images, drawings, ratings, or regular ones like text, number date, etc.

Managing and keeping track of many documents

It is another issue with comprehensive reports and the last status of papers. When you keep everything digital, you can quickly view your documents in one place and get final reports over time.

Sura Aydin

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