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Building Trust: How to Make Customers Trust Your Business?
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Building Trust: How to Make Customers Trust Your Business?

Sura Aydin
August 17, 2022

Trust is a fundamental element of any healthy business relationship. This is true for the general public and employees who are integral to the success of any business. A lack of trust can lead to low employee morale, high turnover rates, and even a decline in new customers. The good news is there are many ways that businesses can work to build trust with the community they work with and within the company.

Trust is vital in both winning customers and keeping them. It also has a direct connection to your company's financial success. A study of 7,000 companies found that a complete drop in trust can lead to a significant reduction in revenue. If you want to grow your company and sustain profitability, fostering trust with customers is crucial.

When it comes to practice, if you ask businesses, they have a great strategy and a leading solution. Yet, they struggle with building trust within the community they work and within the company. We can say that, ideally, it is easy to create a business plan to create a great product, and one can also say that it is the most essential part. That's true; you need to put so much effort into the business to lead success. On the other hand, a plan or a strategy can only take you to a point where you may find yourself where all the possible excellent techniques are applied but cannot see further steps to lead beyond.

That is the critical point you realize a business and a brand is more than a sum of great strategies and plans, etc. Brands and businesses have their own personalities, stories, and world views just as other living creatures do. Think about your business as a friend who you can trust and feel secure when you are with them.

Let's explore what people look for when they trust a business and feel secure with them.

1. Reassure your customers that their opinions and problems are essential for your business and will be evaluated thoroughly. 

No one would share their personal issues with people they don't feel comfortable and meaningful with. Same with the opinions, you would want to be listened to when you share opinions with people. Take your business relationship as you approach a friend or person you have just met. What would be your first moves to make them trust you? Showing them, you are listening to them and understanding their view even though you don't think the same way. 

2. Analyze your business process and identify the key points to be improved for a better-trusted relationship.

Knowing what your customers are concerned about will lead you to enhance such critical matters. For instance, people want to be mobile more than ever in the developing tech world. They look down on businesses that cannot provide fast, digitally accessible solutions. In addition, In recent years, the public has become more distrustful of companies and brands. A recent study found that concern for social inequality and environmental degradation is the main reason why people are distrustful of corporations. The study found that people dislike companies that do not care about social or environmental issues. One way to address this problem is by highlighting these values in your business process.

3. Follow the changes and new trends to keep updated. Try to be the one leading these trends in your industry.

Relying on a single marketing strategy is no longer enough to succeed in your industry. New trends are emerging in every industry, from small businesses to big corporations, and it's up to you to be the leader of these trends by keeping track of them and implementing them into your business strategy. For instance, follow what kind of new solutions and start-ups are developing in your industry. Being an early adopter of such new solutions and start-ups will make you a trendsetter in the future.  

4. Do What You Say: Be precise about what you do and explain clearly what you do to customers

It is vital to be precise about what you do and explain clearly what you do to customers. It is essential to be clear about the products and services you provide so that the customer knows what they are paying for. If the customer has a question, it is also crucial to be able to answer them thoroughly and provide as much information as possible so that they feel confident about the service they are getting from you.

5. Lead transparent operations. 

Only talking about world ethics and the environment is not enough. It would be best if you showed how you rearrange your company based on what is good for society. Also, presenting the whole operational process and making it trackable to your customers allows them to have a sense of more control over the process. Giving a sense of agency to your contributors and customers strengthens your relationship and helps you build trust.

Sura Aydin

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