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Digitalize Your Business Processes Toward  Paperless Society
Paperless Society

Digitalize Your Business Processes Toward Paperless Society

Paper-based processes shift to paperless systems. Digitally presenting transparency and trust to customers is more comfortable.

Sura Aydin
March 28, 2022

Today, we are in a world where everything is becoming digital, and people seek more detailed information at every step. The current society needs less paper-based communication day by day. Following this trend predicts no need for paper in the future and becoming a society that does not use paper. In fact, paperless society is a term originated by Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster, who is an information scientist. He predicts that libraries will shift to a digital platform, and librarians become information specialists. Even though his study was on libraries and scholars, this argument presents a valid point for almost all industries because digitalizing the information makes access easier and reachable for everyone.

When it comes to business processes and especially those in the service industry, almost all customers want to have and often ask for detailed information. By being well informed about what they agree to, they feel safer and start to develop trust toward the company.

It is now a must, digitalizing trust in the service industry, but sometimes the meaning might be confusing or too broad. Let's clarify what it means when we say service industry. Britannica defines it shortly as "an industry in that part of the economy that creates services rather than tangible objects." [1] Hence service industry does not provide goods to exchange for money. Instead, it provides value for people's needs like insurance of assets or renting a property for a range of time. During this process, there should be a mutual agreement between the two parties. An agreement requires reliable promises and transparency for a profitable business.

For this reason, if your business is a part of the service industry, your number one concern should be clarity of agreements and transparency of all operational steps. Customer loyalty is one of the most critical facets of any profitable company. For instance, it is a challenge for the car rental industry and insurance companies to provide their clients with the right facts and total accountability. Strong customer support is essential for the clients' retention and can be a perfect way to get referred.

Paper-based records are the main actor in those processes, yet paper is outdated and not well checked.

Many organizations have already obtained considerable bottom-line cost savings by transforming their traditional, manual, paper-based processes into useful, digital, user-centric experiences. Eliminating paper usage equips your business with various vital profits. In an old-fashioned system, the employees take notes of assets on paper and then transcribe them to other documents to be filed later on. This is a very time-consuming process. You could save time by enabling your employees to enter data into digital papers and record assets’ status just once. These digital records also reduce paper costs spent on operations. Besides, you would store your data more organized and reduce risks of misinformation on documents.

After you have decided to shift your business processes to the digital environment, the "How?" question comes to mind. No worries, Inspakt is here to help your business going paperless and digitalize trust with your customers. You can start using Inspakt’s ready-to-use templates or make your templates up to your needs. There are a great variety of features to collect detailed data from others. You might use geo-location, digital signature, or required picture fields. All these developments are easy to handle without any help from the IT department.  Your operational processes will become transparent smoothly. You will be more confident when you have exact proofs of every stage in your documentation.

Stay trusted with Inspakt.
[1]: www.britannica.com/topic/service-industry

Sura Aydin

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