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For All Kinds Of Documents: DOC Platform
DOC Platform

For All Kinds Of Documents: DOC Platform

You can operate your documents in Inspakt Doc Platform and secure your assets and relations with business partners or customers from start to end.

Sura Aydin
March 28, 2022

The document generation process often requires multiple software to integrate them and then finalize it in a single PDF. For example, you might start adding fields to the document in one platform, and then you might need to use another one to merge related attachments and maybe another one to collect signatures. Luckily, Inspakt is here.

You may learn more about how Inspakt Doc Platform operates through these introductory answers:

It is simply a digital solution to generate better-trusted documents offered by Inspakt. What makes it distinctive is that Inspakt aims to be a trust-building space for those who try to document any promises on the paper. Anyone can actualize their contribution to the environment by reducing their paper use while creating well-detailed documents digitally, which makes everyone feel safer.

What features does it offer?

1. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to add fields to create your template or, so to say, a fillable pdf document. 

2. The inspection feature comes with the Inspakt Doc Platform enables you to record details of your assets. To do that, you can take multiple photos of the assets and mark any point on the images. Then it can be part of the final PDF document.

3. There is an option to use two-way documents for the documents generated for the processes, including the initial and final steps. On the other hand, it is always possible to create one-way documents which generate simple one-time PDF documents.

4. You can send your documents using the remote documents feature to collect information via a link that Inspakt delivers through SMS and e-mail. The receivers are not required to download any third-party software to fill out the documents. They can simply go to the link on their mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, and fill out the fields on their web browser.

“I also want to get my documents signed.”

Yes, sure. After finishing the structure of your template, which will be a PDF document after filling out and signing, you can go to the settings section, and under the signatures tab, you can add a signer. It is possible to add multiple signers at the same time. Differently, you can click on the “send” button on the main page and then select the template from the list of templates you have created on Inspakt.

As you can see, from start to the end, you can operate your documents in Inspakt and secure your assets and relations with business partners or customers.
Sura Aydin

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