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Going Paperless 101: Where to start digitalizing?

Going Paperless 101: Where to start digitalizing?

Decide to go paperless and don't know where to start digitalizing. The advent of the internet and smartphones has led to a significant shift in the world.

Sura Aydin
September 13, 2022

Why is it essential to go paperless?

The advent of the internet and the proliferation of smartphones has led to a significant shift in how we interact with the world. We no longer need to spend hours and hours at a desk, hunched over stacks of paper, writing reports, or reading through piles of documents. Our work can be done on our phone or computer, with access to all the information we need just by tapping an app or clicking on a website.

This article will walk you through the process of going paperless, from setting up your digital routine and organizing your files to setting up chore apps and other tools to make your life easier.

The Paperless Lifestyle - where to start?

The Paperless Lifestyle is a term that refers to the idea of living a life without paper. It can also be called digital nomadism or the digital lifestyle. The paperless lifestyle is becoming the norm. Most people have moved to go paperless, and there are many reasons.

Some of the advantages of paperless lifestyle 2include:
  • Saving money
  • Eliminating clutter
  • Better organization
  • Less time spent on paperwork
  • An easier collaboration with others over documents

It is not just about using digital devices for everything and eliminating paper. Still, it is about minimizing the need for paper and using technology to make life easier and more efficient.

The world is going paperless, and we are getting closer to the day when there will be no need for paper in our lives. But what does that mean for people who want to live a green and sustainable lifestyle?

4 areas  to start digitalizing your life

Read on your tablet or smartphone

To avoid the paper clutter in your home, it is good to go digital. This can be done by shifting all reading to digital tools. Online tools such as e-books and blogs also have the ability to make your life easier. Unless you look for a niche resource or reference book to keep at hand to check anytime, shifting all reading to digital tools is a good starting point for going paperless. 

At this point, having a tablet would be a good idea if you especially want to keep your resources organized and accessible anytime you need them.

Tablets are a great way to keep your resources organized and accessible anytime you need them so you can pivot quickly in your work. You can download apps that could help with your specific tasks and take notes. The best part about this is that you can do all of this without constantly interrupting what you're doing to get up and find something new.

Take notes digitally

Note-taking is a part of daily paper consumption. Exploring and using different apps to take notes digitally would positively contribute to your routine. You can find and download different templates for your notes and use various pens and pencils.

Investing in a tablet with a pen would save you those reading and writing needs in most aspects. So that you can use to-do apps instead of stickers, avoid buying notebooks, plus you would have many options in terms of design. 

Cloud Storage

To go paperless, you can also digitalize your archive. Cloud storage is a helpful tool for those who want to go paperless. Storing files on the cloud can help you eliminate paper and reduce the space you need to store things. Cloud storage is a safe and secure way to keep your files. It provides the benefit of accessing your files anywhere with an internet connection. So you don't have to worry about carrying them around or losing them. This also means that if your computer crashes, your files will still be available. You can easily find the document or any file you need by quickly searching your archive.

Sign Digitally

The use of a digital signature is the best way to go paperless. It eliminates the need for paper, pens, and ink. It also reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud.

Digital signatures are based on a public key cryptography system. This system allows users to securely send messages over an insecure channel, such as email or the internet.

You can invest in a digital signature document app that saves you a lot of effort you waste while printing, scanning, and scanning back your documents. Also, delivery would be automatically eliminated in this case.

Sura Aydin

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