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How to Report Accidents and Damages: Damage Reports in Inspakt

How to Report Accidents and Damages: Damage Reports in Inspakt

Accidents are unexpected, and you cannot predict when something wrong will happen. You can use Inspakt to create a Damage Report with details.

Sura Aydin
March 28, 2022

When something goes wrong, creating an official report presenting the details of the incident and anything broken or damaged is crucial. Trying to learn what to do by communicating verbally or email is not time-effective and may still leave you ambiguous. Since people cannot expect when bad things happen, they usually get insurance for their properties. Yet, there is an important fact; you should make a damage report when you have an accident or any other damage to your assets because it would protect you from being in the wrong position even though you are rightful. This is also useful for you to claim compensation, or if the accident includes other parties, it guards your rights.

A usual damage report may include these details:

  • Details of the property (make, model, serial number, age, color)
  • Explanation of how it was damaged (water damage, damage from impact, etc.)
  • Detail how bad the damage is
  • Advise whether repairs are possible
  • Estimate the cost of repair

Moreover, if the accident is with your vehicle, you need to add the exact location, a drawing section that shows how the accident happened. Adding these details is necessary and can protect your rights. If you don't report correctly and properly, you cannot prove your point. All in all, when events go wrong, it is crucial to have an official report. Written notice can serve as a reminder of what happened if something goes wrong again in the future.

One way to document what happened is by taking pictures of anything broken or damaged during the incident. Photos are perfect for recording details, capturing evidence, and making it easier to identify what went wrong.

Inspakt Doc Platform allows you to add photo fields in your damage report so that you can take pictures of the damages. Besides, suppose you are an insurer or some other service provider regarding reporting injuries. In that case, You can send damage reports remotely to your customers, and they can fill out the details. If you don't want them to upload pictures already taken before, you can find an option for that. You can turn uploading photos from the gallery off and so that the person reporting has to take new pictures of the damages at that moment.

Sura Aydin

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