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New Generations and Work Culture of the Future

New Generations and Work Culture of the Future

Sura Aydin
October 31, 2022

How would the shift in technology lead to a change in life?

By the 90s and increasingly in the 2000s, technology has become an essential part of everyday life. This shift gives us many opportunities, such as communication, information management, entertainment, and more. When cell phones or computers became common, they entered daily life and have been popular ever since. The fact is that such technological tools became personal more and more in time and still haven't lost any popularity, becoming almost a necessity of daily life. What makes cell phones and computers different than radios and TVs is that they can be personal. So that, people have started to have personalized tech tools like clothes.

Such changes give the characteristic of today's young people; you might call them Gen Z. Therefore, people born around the 2000s are not the same as the ones born before. Because they witnessed the personal use of technology in daily life, those people are native to technology and instant communication.

Now, let's continue with how this differentiation based on technology will lead to a change in business and work life.


Young generations lead to changes in work life.

Millennials and Gen Z are the first generations to grow up using technology as a norm. This difference in the new generation has also started some shifts in the workplace. As it appears today, young people who have technology as a basic necessity in life are actually different work-life than ever before. They are more focused on work-life balance and seeking purpose and meaning in their job. Expectations from life are different from before. For instance, freedom and diversity matter much more than before. The norms have changed as well. Being young used to mean inexperienced, and being old used to indicate experienced. However, there is no such equation anymore; it has transformed into adaptableness and learning regardless of age.

Today's young generation will be driving this transformation by seeking companies with solid policies supporting employees' personal development in their career paths and personal life. The mainstream work culture is evolving to become better in terms of employees' work and personal lives. They refuse to climb the corporate ladder blindly or make compromises to get there. They want to feel like they have support from their company, especially regarding time off.

More and more people are working independently. This will definitely lead to a different work culture. Employees share their knowledge to create great new ideas in such a workplace. Since old-style solutions have begun to not work anymore with the ever-changing technology, people are now forced to find new solutions with technology all the time. With this, they make their way, and they have to. Problems don't just have one solution, and teams with future generations are able to find the optimal solution easier if communication is better. The old ways of thinking can't be applied in a future setting, and those traditions will eventually disappear for progress.

Sura Aydin

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