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Paperless Inspections for Operational Transparency

Paperless Inspections for Operational Transparency

Sura Aydin
April 19, 2022

Many businesses are turning to digitalization to improve their operations by implementing a digital solution for the asset management process. Consequently, paperless inspections and digitalizing operations, in particular, have been on the rise in recent years. One of the main reasons for this is that many businesses and organizations are looking for ways to cut costs. In addition, the use of technology has also helped make these processes more straightforward and more efficient.

Conventionally, inspectors would need to carry many paper documents when conducting an inspection. Manual inspections generally are held on paper on the inspection site and later digitized in the office. Filling in inspection forms by hand has some disadvantages. First, it is a very time-consuming and illegible way to handle these operations. This way of handling also means that inspection cannot have multiple forms of data, such as mark-ups on photos and geo-location along with the form, meaning issues are often addressed well after the inspection occurred. It can sometimes be challenging to hold on to paperwork necessary in managing inspections, and even sometimes, you may find colossal paperwork that is easy to lose track of.

Contribution of Paperless Inspections

With the help of technology and improved asset management tools, inspectors now can use their smartphones or tablets to record the data while inspecting instead of digitizing later in the office. They don't have to carry around a heavy load of paper documents anymore. They also don't have to worry about losing important papers during inspections because everything is saved digitally.

You can digitalize your operations with Inspakt's paperless inspection solutions. Now, Inspakt allows businesses' operational record-keeping is much less complicated. The teams and inspectors performing inspections on mobile devices finalize the process in one platform, seal and store securely. This way, teams can work fast and much more efficiently than before. Digitalizing inspections makes things work better than before – reduces the cost of processes, improves efficiency, and shifts the focus toward transparency.

The service industry is an excellent example of a transition from paper to digital-based processes. This is because the desk staff and field workers handle large volumes of papers. The system largely determines the cost of inspection management. There's a substantial change in operational expenses before and after transitioning from paper-based to electronic systems.

Operational teams can stay on track with digital asset management tools

Team leaders can ensure that inspections are being done as planned with real-time data. You would be able to see the number of inspections, hours spent reviewing it, and other KPIs in one place. This is the best way to ensure that your business goals are accomplished.

Customization of inspection forms with possible various data entry

Inspections for sites with high-risk scores and specific requirements require a deep level of detail to do your due diligence. More effort and time are required to check all the tiny nuances around these types of inspections to avoid generating inspection errors. A solution to these problems is by switching to paperless inspections to ensure that inspection checklists are filled as per the requirements for the type of inspected entity. Paper-based checklist inspections are more complicated and can take more time than digital methods.

Operational transparency

Inspections are completed in a digital environment to generate an inspection automatically. This review is published and delivered to the inspector and inspected entity. Digital and paperless inspections make the final inspection document available online for all parties to see. Everyone involved can take appropriate action if necessary. Transparency helps check the process and prevent potential infringements.

Sura Aydin

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