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Request PDF Documents with Inspakt
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Request PDF Documents with Inspakt

Inspakt Doc Platform alongside Digital Biometric Signature enables paperless operations in the business by automating the entire document process.

Sura Aydin
March 28, 2022

Inspakt Doc Platform alongside Digital Biometric Signature enables paperless operations in the business by automating the entire document process, from creation, collaboration, and execution to archiving and management, making signature workflow faster, and reducing costs.

Regardless of the industry, organizations don’t have to rely on processes with paper-based steps and wet-ink signatures. In Inspakt, you can quickly make your business paperless, boosting the productivity of your operations. In the meantime, you ensure that your documents are secure and compliant.

Digitalize operations and build trust with Inspakt

Inspakt is a platform that allows you to build trustful relations with your customers or business partners. Inspakt fits wherever a documentation process needs to be secured. It provides a Doc Platform to generate documents and a Digital Biometric Signature service that allows you to use your mobile device to sign, fill out and send any document.

Fillable documents and add signatures

Inspakt also lets you create, request information, and signature and store documents so that you don't need to try keeping updated with more than one service. You can also upload your file to send to request a signature digitally; you won't lose time waiting for the delivery services to arrive.

You may eliminate the need for paper-based methods of communication like faxes, courier services, or mailed documents. Inspakt has revolutionized the way people work because it makes them more efficient by reducing their time wasted on non-core tasks like traveling and sending papers back and forth.

Why Inspakt?

One platform to solve multiple problems

You can create, fill out and sign documents, but also, you can upload your file to send to request signature so that you don’t need to find other software to handle your documents.

It saves time and reduces costs.

You don’t need to use delivery services for hardcopy documents. This will give your time back and reduce the costs of waiting and delivery services. Digitalizing your signature and information request process with Inspakt saves time.

Customizable for your needs

In the drag-and-drop template builder, there are many different components to add fields to collect information. It includes text, date, single- or multi-select options, drawing (i.e., for accident reports), location, and many more. Besides, you can add the Digital Biometric Signature field to your documents with or without the doc platform and then request a signature from multiple signatories.

Sura Aydin

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