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The Airbnb Property Inspection - Don't Be Caught Out!
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The Airbnb Property Inspection - Don't Be Caught Out!

Sura Aydin
August 10, 2022

Perhaps you own some extra property space, and with the state of the global economy and fuel prices, you thought you might make some extra cash renting out your home using Airbnb over the summer, but what's this? Rules, Criteria… An inspection?! Fear not, potential holiday homeowners; we're here to help guide you through the significant bits and ensure you're not caught out when it comes to that possible property inspection report.

But what is an Inspection Report?

An Airbnb inspection report is a document used to describe the property's condition for a potential tenant. The inspection report is usually written by a professional third-party inspector who visits the property and performs a comprehensive one-hundred-point checklist inspection. It's a thorough inspection, ranging from the thoughtfulness of design and amenities to the quality of your appliances and how stocked you are. However, the inspection report works both ways; not only does it ensure a high standard for potential renters, but it also acts as proof of the prior condition of your home in the event of damage or misuse by your guests.

So here are the categories the inspectors use and the key points we think you should watch out for:

Purposeful Design

This category is all about that style, functionality, and that 'wow' factor. Each room must be different while also sticking to a core theme keeping the home cohesive. It's important to make sure your guests feel like they aren't staying in an empty space devoid of life. Your Airbnb must aim to be as close to a dream home as possible without sacrificing functionality. Remember, a beautiful home isn't a home unless it's liveable!  

General Maintenance 

This covers your Airbnb's general cleanliness and neatness, which must be immaculate. There are no cutting corners here—no dust, dirt, hair, stain, or grease in the kitchen. Wires must be carefully managed and hidden away, and furniture or appliances must be near mint condition. This becomes more challenging work if you have a garden but can really go a long way when impressing those guests. It might be worth investing in a maid, depending on the size and value of your property.

Guest Check-in

The guests' check-in must be made as smooth as possible. This means that all the information they might need is easily accessible. This includes WiFi, lock, and any check-in/check-out directions. The less time they have to spend talking to you asking for more information, the happier you will both be!

Privacy and Safety

This one goes without saying, but certain points are often overlooked. For example, lockable bedrooms are often forgotten when dealing with a family home. It is also imperative that your expected safety features are working properly, this includes: smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, Burglar alarms, and of course, curtains/frosted windows for privacy.

Basic Equipment

The basics are easy as you can follow the hotel room template when considering your renter's basic needs. TV, reliable WiFi with reasonable speeds, a way to iron or steam your clothes, and heating/air conditioning for year-round comforts.

Kitchen and Beverages

We put these categories together as they often pertain to the same room. Depending on where you are in the world, your drinking staples can change from tea to coffee, one of these must always be possible, but available drinking water is a must-have for all Airbnb homes. Otherwise, your kitchen or kitchenette must be equipped with the tools and appliances any decent home needs. You can choose between a microwave, stovetop, or hotplate, depending on your available space. Be sure to supply a bottle opener, as you know they'll be celebrating the fact they rented your Airbnb!

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

A lot of the bedroom and bathroom checklist items could be covered under maintenance or purposeful design, so here we'll just make sure you don't fall short on some easy-to-forget and oddly specific things. In the bedroom, the mattress mustn't sag or squeak; we're on holiday, and we want to be comfortable! Additionally, each bed must have at least 2 pillows or 4 for Queen size plus, and your wardrobe must have at least 4 non-wire hangers. In the bathroom, you need a large non-handheld mirror, and the bathroom stocking must be meticulous: 2 rolls of toilet paper, 4 hand towels, 4 regular bath towels, shampoo and conditioner (separate), hand soap, and body soap.

Sura Aydin

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