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We Keep Building Trust

In October 2020, we founded Inspakt with Kağan Alper Cin, which we have been thinking about for a long time, with the support of Veysel Aral, Bahadır Emre Omacan, and Tolga Bakkaloğlu. Inspakt received an investment of 150 thousand dollars in the pre-seed round by Heaventures, the local investment capital initiative founded by Nurettin Şendoğan, Utkan Şanda, Dr. Aylin Şahin, and Erdem Yurdanur.

How did we get started?

The idea of Inspakt was formed in our heads, and we believe that this work actually dates back much earlier. Like everyone else, we were aware that time and technology were changing, but we could not understand that many people did not give up their traditional preferences. As we have thought about it and talked about it, we have found that people withdraw themselves because of the lack of one of the most basic feelings; trust. In particular, despite the belief that digital was almost as fleeting as a promise, the fact that paper was held by hand slowed down this acceptance process even more. Believing we could eliminate such a deficiency, we thought we could digitalize the entire paper-based process while building a sense of mutual trust in the digital world. With this belief, we founded Inspakt together with Kağan in 2020. We are currently building digital trust with our team of 12 people from three different countries.

We are Digitalizing Trust, but How?

Although I am aware of how difficult it is to give up the traditional, I underline again that paper documents are just as dangerous. Communication is provided with the courier; it is not even a problem to encounter problems such as the document being lost, getting into the hands of unwanted people, or arriving at a late date when a cargo system is not being worked with. On the other hand, moving files to digital media, one of the services offered by Inspakt, and using a digital signature only provides an opportunity to make secure transactions between the customer and the company. In doing so, it uses many different parameters.

As Inspakt, you can create documents with mobile applications and Remote DOC without needing an application or without having any software knowledge. In addition, two different document structures such as one-way and two-way, are among the features of Inspakt. The automatic comparison feature used in two-way documents to accurately track the status of the asset subject to business, especially in sectors with entry-exit transactions such as car rental, helps users build trust for themselves and the counterparty. In these documents that we have digitized, we provide a secure documentation process that is uninterrupted and entirely digitized from the beginning with a digital biometric signature if desired.

Although sustainability motivates us the most when we are on the road, it is not the only plus we offer to our users. Apart from wasting paper and saving time, we also save users from warehouse, printing, and shipping fees.

Although there are currently many different plugins, such as no-code template structure, drawing tool, and adding file addition feature, we continue to develop and change day by day. In the coming periods, you will also be able to see the ability to collect information with the form infrastructure in Inspect.

Our Future Plans

Building trust and secure relationships is a global problem, so we developed the platform primarily in English, but it also supports Turkish. We will also be adding Spanish soon. In this way, we will be able to solve a global problem not only in Türkiye but also in the whole world, starting from Europe. We have recently started working on our European expansion and will increase our presence here with this investment. In the coming period, we will get stronger and find the opportunity to digitalize trust for everyone.

Inspakt, which we founded in 2020 and aimed to digitalize the trust-based processes in the service industry, will continue to accelerate its growth with the investment we have received. Also, Utkan Şanda will join our board of directors and support us with his knowledge. Thanks to this partnership we have made with Heaventures partners, I foresee that we will take firm steps towards becoming a competitor-free company with our experiences in the fields of law, business development, and sales in the process of digitalization of trust.

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