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What is Inspakt?

Inspakt is a trust builder platform in which you can digitalize business operations. It is a great place to manage documentation that requires a trusted relationship. Inspakt specialized in agreements, subscriptions, accident reports, acquittances, declarations, and information documents. 

The idea behind Inspakt was born to manage car rental company needs. Using paper was too slow and storing them in files was very messy. So the idea became to handle inspections as well as documentation without using papers. Inspakt has noticed that other fields of businesses need a management platform. Later on, it evolved to a platform for the service industry needs. Today, it works like magic for hospitality, insurance, logistics, and the automotive industry. The platform includes solutions for all kinds of agreements, inspections, signatures, and more.

How do I sign up for Inspakt?

Users who would like to sign up for Inspakt could visit our website or download the mobile app and create their account. Sign up for Inspakt is entirely free.

Is Inspakt free?

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How can I use my free credits in Inspakt?

The free credits you have given when you sign up for Inspakt are for any use in Inspakt. You can create templates and then make documents in PDF format. You can also use Digital Biometric Signature on your documents.